“Dark secrets unearthed as task force initiates overhaul of university pay scales.”

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The Ministry of Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives in Pakistan has formed a task force to review and improve the pay scale system in higher education institutions. The 21-member task force is led by Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal and includes representatives from finance, federal education, higher education commission, provincial and regional governments, the planning commission, and the higher education sector. Currently, the higher education sector in Pakistan follows either the Basic Pay Scale (BPS) or its own pay scales, resulting in salary discrepancies and conflicts among faculty and staff. The task force aims to introduce new competitive, performance- and market-based pay scales that will be equitable, transparent, and reflective of market rates. The new pay scales will provide performance-based incentives to attract and retain the best human resource for research and academia, which is key to developing a knowledge economy. The government’s commitment to addressing challenges faced by the HEIs is shown by the creation of the task force.

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