Beware: The Surgeon General’s Social Media Warning and A.I.’s Existential Threats Lurk in the Shadows.

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The U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has warned that social media is a significant risk to young people’s well-being. However, some tech industry professionals disagree and believe that social media has many positive aspects. In this episode of “Hard Fork,” Kevin and Casey talk about this issue and discuss why some people defend social media. They also discuss how AI could lead to a doomsday scenario with A.I. researcher Ajeya Cotra. Lastly, Kevin and Casey play “HatGPT,” a game where they pass around a hat and create random sentences using a predictive text generator. “Hard Fork” is hosted by Kevin Roose and Casey Newton, produced by Davis Land and Rachel Cohn, edited by Jen Poyant, and fact-checked by Caitlin Love. The show’s engineering is handled by Alyssa Moxley, and original music is by Dan Powell, Elisheba Ittoop, Marion Lozano, Sophia Lanman, and Rowan Niemisto. Special thanks are given to Paula Szuchman, Pui-Wing Tam, Nell Gallogly, Kate LoPresti, and Jeffrey Miranda. You can listen to “Hard Fork” on various platforms, including Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon, and Google.

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