Imran Khan, the Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf political party, has submitted surety bonds in three anti-terrorism cases and one case relating to the murder of Zille Shah. He paid Rs100,000 for each of the three surety bonds in the anti-terrorism cases, which were registered after violent protests following Imran’s arrest by the National Accountability Bureau on May 9. One of these cases relates to an attack on the Lahore Corps Commander House, also known as Jinnah House. The Zille Shah murder case relates to the killing of a PTI member. Imran has been granted pre-arrest bail in this case until June 2. Before his appearance in court, a petition was filed stating that Imran’s life was in danger, and permission was given for a car with jammers and other security vehicles to leave Zaman Park for the court. Following Imran’s arrest, protests erupted throughout Pakistan, that turned violent, with hundreds of protesters blocking highways, attacking and burning police and public vehicles, and rampaging through army installations. The government has since registered cases against PTI leaders and Imran with charges of terrorism, arson and damage to state properties.

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