The South African rugby teams the Stormers, Bulls, and Lions are taking part in a project called HITIQ, in which their players wear instrumented mouthguards to collect data on head impacts. These mouthguards have sensors that provide objective information on the frequency, intensity, and location of head impacts, which plays a crucial role in identifying head impact exposure rates, analysing playing positions, training drills, and individual players. The HITIQ system has the potential to assist in the identification and rehabilitation of concussions, while also assisting in the management of player contact load monitoring. All six United Rugby Championship teams taking part in the project received visits from the HITIQ team where their players had their mouths scanned to provide custom-fit devices. According to the URC, the medics and performance teams from all of the teams involved have been enthusiastic about the early performances of the HITIQ mouthguards in practice and what this collection of data can provide in the future. HITIQ provided 160 units as part of the trial. The project was launched to provide new data to assist with head injury management in rugby.

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