Sudowrite’s Story Engine is a system for writing entire novels that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI). The software allows writers to input a “braindump” which is transformed into a longer plot summary in the “synopsis” box. Then, the synopsis is translated into a list of chapters in the “outline” box. The “characters” box generates descriptions for individual characters. The software offers suggestions to writers on how to revise text in the “rewrite” option. The AI then produces the first draft by generating “story beats” and sending them to Sudowrite’s main text editor. The AI-generated novella called The Electric Sea was largely produced by hitting the “generate” button, with authors manually tweaking it. The software was good at maintaining a mostly limited third-person point of view, with logical and coherent narrative results. However, it would sometimes repeat plot points, contradict individual beat instructions, and produce either unsatisfying sequel hooks or lead-ins to new plot points. Sudowrite’s software is only a tool for beginner writers to spark creativity and create outlines for their stories, still requiring significant input from the author.

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