Samsung is reportedly considering holding the unpacking event for its new foldable phones at home and launching the phones earlier than usual. Normally, Samsung holds highly-publicised launch events for its flagship phones in the US, the Galaxy S phones in New York in February and the Z Fold and Flip foldable phones in San Francisco in August. However, Korean cities like Seoul and Busan are being mentioned as potential locations for the new foldable phone launch. The event is likely to take place as early as late July, with sales starting possibly in August. Samsung’s smartphone market share in China is under 1%, so it is eyeing emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and India as alternative regions. India is expected to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 8% in 2027. Samsung has not finalised its plans yet, but it will soon decide whether to hold the launch event for its next-generation foldable smartphones in Korea, as well as the announcement time frame.

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