“Catch! Teenieping” is a popular animated TV series and Netflix show for children about Romi, a princess from the Emotion Kingdom who comes to Earth to catch cute creatures called Teeniepings, each with unique powers. It has become a cultural phenomenon in South Korea with children collecting the Teenieping figurines, known as “pasan-ping,” meaning “going bankrupt.” The show has led to themed merchandise such as hotel rooms, baked goods, and promotional events. SAMG Entertainment, the creator of the show, plans to expand its target audience beyond children and become the “Disney of Korea.” The company has also recently released a new robot action series called “Metal Cardbot.” The kids’ industry in South Korea has grown significantly, reaching 50 trillion won in 2020, and “Catch! Teenieping” is set to tap into the global market for kids’ toys, fashion, and entertainment. SAMG Entertainment is a 3D animated film powerhouse with around 300 employees, and it has recently been listed on the tech-heavy KOSDAQ market.

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