Lawmakers attended a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on National Health Services (NHS) without reading the bill on which they were supposed to give their input. The meeting was meant to discuss the “Infectious Disease Monitoring and Control Centre Bill 2022” moved by MNA Dr Samina Matloob. However, none of the members had read the bill, so the chairman constituted a subcommittee to discuss the bill within 14 days and submit a report. The committee also expressed its dissatisfaction with the attitude of the bureaucracy for not taking the parliamentary business seriously. The committee also recommended immediate compliance with its recommendations on the previous meeting’s action against the registrar and repatriation of the assistant registrar Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) for their defiance towards the president of the council and illegalities in carrying out official business of the council. The committee directed the secretary of the ministry to brief the members about the reconstitution of the PNC after the recently enacted PNC law. The committee later directed the ministry to ensure payment of Covid-19 risk alliance to non-clinical staff of hospitals in Islamabad as announced by the government.

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