The Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry is teaming up with the Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia to train more skilled workers needed in the aerospace sector. Human capital development is a critical aspect that needs to be paid attention to alongside the rapid growth of the industry. In addition to incentives and good infrastructure, investors also consider the number of skilled workers in a country. To address this issue, more companies are collaborating with universities to offer courses or diplomas related to the aerospace industry. The ministry will ensure a sufficient supply of talent, in an effort to make Malaysia a more competitive investment destination. The talent development program is not just limited to the aerospace sector, but also involves high-tech industries. The Malaysian Investment Development Authority is collaborating closely with institutions of higher learning to ensure the country has the right talent and relevant skills in accordance with current needs. Formalizing the relationship between the industry and local research and development institutions will bring positive outcomes to the country. The talent development program ensures that the talents produced are relevant and needed by the industry. Companies also need to work closely with the research and development community to produce what is needed by the industry.

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