The Punjab police in Pakistan have reportedly blocked roads leading to the Zaman Park home of Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party. The police had given Khan a deadline of 2pm on 17 May to hand over “terrorists” whom the government alleges are taking refuge at his residence. Khan denied the allegations and urged police not to “storm” his home without a search warrant, adding that he would not resist an operation. He accused the government of creating a pretext for an attack on his home. Khan also claimed that reports of PTI leaders leaving the party were unfounded, citing figures indicating that the group had 70% popularity among Pakistanis. On 16 May, the Islamabad High Court granted an extension on its order that has blocked Khan’s arrest until 31 May. The PTI leader has been seeking pre-arrest bail and details of cases registered against him.

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