South Korea’s Minister of Science and ICT, Lee Jong-ho, marked the one-year anniversary of his inauguration by touting the successful launch of the nation’s homegrown Rocket Nuri last year as one of his top achievements. South Korea has become the seventh country worldwide with advanced space technology after placing Danuri into the lunar orbit in December. The Science Ministry plans to support the development of space exploration technology and spacecraft parts, and to set up Korea’s version of NASA. The country’s Science Minister also pledged to make the nation gain a competitive edge in hyperartificial intelligence, as well as set up a data center powered by domestic AI semiconductors. In addition, efforts are being made to curb the negative impact of technology such as deepfakes, in addition to writing an AI bill of rights that ensures every citizen benefits from advanced digital technology. Looking back on his one year in office, Lee also expressed several regrets over incidents in telecommunications safety and security that took place under his watch.

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