Tuberculosis now kills more people worldwide than COVID-19 or AIDS, according to UN officials and health industry leaders. The disease is particularly prevalent in conflict zones, where it is difficult to track and diagnose. TB is currently the biggest infectious disease killer in the world, claiming around 4,400 lives each day, including 700 children. Economic impacts of COVID-19 and conflicts are making it harder to treat and diagnose the disease. A hearing was held to prepare for a high-level meeting in September during the annual gathering of world leaders at the UN General Assembly. The meeting aims to gather financing and advance research, including exploring mRNA technology for a TB vaccine. BioNTech and a few other companies are looking into using mRNA technology for a TB vaccine, which would have a big impact in more quickly trying to reduce and end the disease. The hearing included panels on fast-tracking access to TB services and mobilizing financing to ramp up the TB response and advance research and innovation.

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