Former Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi was not at home when police officers from the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) and police arrived to arrest him on corruption charges. His home in Gulberg came under attack from a crowd of supporters who locked the house doors from the inside, preventing the police from entering. Stones, petrol bombs, and petrol were thrown at the officers, with senior police officer Ahmed Mubeen indicating around 500 people present. However, Elahi’s son has challenged the raid in the Lahore High Court, claiming the officers’ actions were “illegal and violative of the law as well as fundamental rights”. Elahi was granted pre-arrest bail until May 6, though he was required in connection with a new corruption case. Despite his legal team citing the bail and contacting a court official, officers refused to leave without Elahi. Twelve of Elahi’s employees were arrested from the house.

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