Another convoy carrying 211 Pakistanis has arrived in Port Sudan for repatriation, taking the total number to 700, according to Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto. The Pakistani Embassy building in Sudan has been hit by at least three bullets, and reports advise Pakistanis to avoid leaving their homes. The minister said the team at the embassy is working hard to help Pakistanis who are still in Sudan until they are repatriated home. Fighting in Sudan has triggered a humanitarian crisis in the impoverished country, where millions of people have been left without access to basic services. At least 420 people have been killed since the fighting broke out on April 15. A 72-hour ceasefire has now come into effect, with both sides agreeing to the ceasefire to establish humanitarian corridors, allowing citizens and residents to access essential resources, healthcare, and safe zones, while also evacuating diplomatic missions.

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