A private citizen, Chaudhry Mohammad Imtiaz, has filed a petition with the Supreme Court of Pakistan to declare President Dr Arif Alvi unfit to hold his office. The petition stated that the prevalent instability in the country was causing inconvenience to the nation. The insecurity is the result of the alleged conflict between the government and the president, particularly with PTI Chairman Imran Khan. The president refused to provide assent to several bills passed by both houses of parliament, resulting in hindrance of government affairs. The petition claimed that the President’s inclination towards one political party was clear from his past and present conduct. The President’s acts and deeds showed that he was acting in opposition to the government and trying to fail the sitting cabinet. The President announced the election date without consultation with the Election Commission of Pakistan, which again was clearly in violation of Article 57(1) of the Constitution. The petitioner argued that the President’s behavior was sufficient to impeach his credibility and prove that the president was not eligible to hold such a prestigious office of the country.

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