Hanif Kruger, a blind man, claims he was mistreated by an Uber driver because he had his guide dog with him. The driver refused to take him to his destination, saying the dog was a threat to his life. Kruger says many blind people and those with disabilities face similar challenges with e-hailing services like Uber. He believes that Uber and other services need to address these issues and create better policies and support for people with disabilities.

Uber’s spokesperson, Mpho Mutuwa, says the company continuously works to create equal opportunities and access for everyone. She adds that Uber has community guidelines that all users must follow, which include not discriminating against someone based on their disability. Mutuwa also encourages people with disabilities to choose UberAssist when requesting a trip, as drivers registered for this service have been trained to better cater to their needs. However, she notes that Kruger did not lodge a complaint against the driver and did not choose UberAssist when requesting his ride.

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