Animal activists are worried about the well-being of Noor Jehan, a sick elephant at Karachi Zoo, after a team from Four Paws left. The 17-year-old elephant has a large hematoma in her abdomen, which is causing problems with her reproductive organs and blocking the passage of urine and stool. During a visit to the zoo, it was observed that Noor Jehan was not receiving her daily medicines, proper food, and was being mistreated by the keepers. The other elephant, Madhubala, was kept in a barren enclosure exposed to hot weather, against expert advice. Mahera Omar, co-founder of Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (Paws), said Noor Jehan needed intensive care and expert recommendations should be taken seriously. The zoo also lacks sufficient water supplies for hydrotherapy sessions to help the sick elephant. The zoo administration refused to pay for Noor Jehan’s medicines, so the vets’ team provided financial assistance. Mathias Otto, an expert in elephant care, spent his last day at the zoo offering tips to keepers on how to look after Noor Jehan. Karachi Administrator Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman said the department would address all concerns about Noor Jehan’s welfare.

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