Key Points
  • Brisbane Roar footballer Rahmat Akbari says it’s “very hard” playing and training during Ramadan.
  • More than a billion practicing Muslims worldwide are fasting during daylight hours for a month.
  • After playing for Australia at under-17 level, Akbari has since represented the Afghanistan national football team.

Rahmat Akbari, a Brisbane Roar footballer, says it’s “very hard” to play and train during Ramadan, when more than a billion Muslims worldwide fast during daylight hours for a month. He sustained an injury during Ramadan two years ago and believes it would be “very good” to have an Iftar break for Muslim players competing in the A-League.

Muslim players in two major British leagues will be given an Iftar break during the holy month. Rahmat thinks it’s “a very good idea” for Muslim footballers to have this opportunity, as most A-League matches are held just before sunset. He suggests a short two-minute break for players to break their fast.

Rahmat, who is 22 years old, has played for Australia at the under-17 level and now represents the Afghanistan national football team. He credits his father, who fled Afghanistan during the first Taliban rule, for his success and the opportunities he has had in life. Rahmat began playing soccer at the age of six and eventually joined the Brisbane Roar youth team before making his professional debut in 2017.

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