I like to save trash, such as receipts, pamphlets, and ticket stubs, from cherished memories. I have many digital outlets for archiving my memories, but none seemed right for my collection of physical items. So, I decided to use a low-tech solution: scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking is an activity people have been doing for centuries. One of my favorite Instagram accounts, @paperofthepast, collects and documents vintage and antique scrapbooks from the 1800s. It’s fascinating to see what people saved in their scrapbooks, and the layouts and aesthetics feel modern.

Nowadays, scrapbooking has become content-ified, with viral journaling TikTok accounts like @senajournal creating ASMR-level scrapbooking videos. However, these videos often use decorative paper and images that don’t represent an actual life.

There are many digital solutions for organizing our lives, like Pinterest’s invite-only mood boarding app, Shuffles. But for me, nothing beats the physical experience of assembling and revisiting a book of my favorite things. Each piece put in its place feels like another memory saved, and it’s hard to imagine getting that satisfaction from clicking “post.”

In the end, I prefer my scraps in their truest form — irregular, imperfect, and disposable if necessary.

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By hassani

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