Orakzai has become the first district in the Kohat division to complete its first digital census. This corrected a mistake made in the 2017 census, which wrongly included the Bulandkhel area in the neighboring North Waziristan. The issue was resolved during a meeting between officials from Hangu, Kohat, and North Waziristan. A total of 54,532 households were listed in the district, and the census results are expected to be announced in June.

Orakzai’s deputy commissioner, Tayyab Abdullah, said the successful completion of the census would provide accurate data for better planning and resource allocation. A census support center was established to help with the process, and officials from relevant departments played a vital role in the smooth conduct of the census.

In other news, Kohat’s deputy commissioner, Dr. Azmatullah, has banned kite flying with chemical and metal string for 60 days due to the risk of human casualties and damage to electrical wires. People are urged to comply with the order, and violators will be dealt with strictly under the law.

Opposition members of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf in the Kohat tehsil council have criticized a resolution passed by a few members against the functioning of a private fruit market in the district. They accused the city mayor of overstepping his mandate and interfering in a matter related to the tehsil municipal administration.

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