Lady Health Workers (LHWs) in Pakistan face many challenges, including terrorist attacks, harassment, and difficult working conditions. Polio teams, which mostly consist of LHWs, have been targeted in numerous attacks over the past decade. Despite the dangers, LHWs have helped reduce polio cases in the country. However, they also face resistance from families against vaccinating their children, and many LHWs experience harassment, including sexual harassment, while working in the field. They often have no one to turn to for help and must rely on each other for support. In addition to these issues, LHWs often work long hours without overtime pay and face job insecurity. Despite these challenges, LHWs continue to provide essential healthcare services to communities in Pakistan, especially in rural areas. It is important for the government to recognize and value the work of LHWs, listen to their concerns, and provide robust solutions to improve their working conditions and safety.

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