Pakistani pharmaceutical company AGP Limited has acquired a select portfolio of products from American firm Viatris Inc. through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The portfolio includes a range of anti-depressants, anti-hypertensive, and ophthalmology products, such as Zoloft, Cardura, Lyrica, Lipitor, and Norvasc. These brands are well-established with strong customer loyalty.

The acquisition is expected to significantly increase AGP’s consolidated revenues, which are expected to cross Rs20 billion (about $112 million) over the next 12 months. AGP also plans to start in-house manufacturing of most of these brands, which will result in cost savings, operational synergies, and logistical efficiencies, ultimately benefiting shareholders.

AGP is a subsidiary of OBS Pakistan, and its ultimate parent company is West End 16 Pte Limited in Singapore.

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