Law enforcement agencies, including Europol and the FBI, have shut down Genesis Market, a website that was selling access to more than 80 million stolen account credentials, including session tokens. Europol confirmed the arrest of 119 users of the site. Genesis Marketplace was created in 2018 and was, according to the US Department of Justice, “one of the most prolific initial access brokers (IABs) in the cybercrime world”. The website’s customers could look for particular types of credentials, such as social media or bank account login details, and could search for credentials by country. The agencies have teamed up with to assist the public in monitoring whether their credentials have been compromised. Genesis Marketplace also provided a browser extension that allowed hackers to spoof a user’s fingerprint and use their login cookie to obtain account information. Following the breach, individuals are advised to log out of all accounts on their devices, delete their cookies and cache and run virus scans to proactively clean devices.

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