Asad Qaiser, a leader of Pakistan’s Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), has called on the government to publicly declare its willingness to engage in talks with his party, and expressed concerns that the simmering frustration among Pakistanis could threaten the country’s stability. Qaiser has said his party would also consider constitutional amendments to adjust the election schedule beyond the 90-day period required under law. In an interview with DawnNewsTV, Qaiser said it was the responsibility of the government to initiate the talks, with the Prime Minister announcing that they should be held. However, he expressed doubt about the government’s commitment to resolving the ongoing political crisis through constructive dialogue. Two weeks ago, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said he was willing to talk to all except “the thieves and looters” and extended an olive branch to the Prime Minister. PM Shahbaz Sharif had also hinted at negotiations with PTI for the sake of parliamentary democracy. Qaiser emphasised the need for national unity for fair and transparent elections to take place, and that those in power were “far removed from sanity” and should prioritise the needs of the country and its people.

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