Pakistan has accused British Home Secretary Suella Braverman of making “discriminatory and xenophobic” remarks against Pakistani men. During a Sky News interview about tackling child sexual abuse, Braverman suggested that British-Pakistani men held views at odds with British culture and that they saw women in a “demeaned” way. A spokesperson for Pakistan’s Foreign Office said that Braverman had given “a highly misleading picture signalling the intent to target and treat British Pakistanis differently” and had not paid attention to “systemic racism and ghettoisation of communities”. The spokesperson warned that such comments could lead to dangerous trends. She also discussed the rise in violence against Muslims in India, which she argued was fuelled by the “anti-Islam and anti-Muslim rhetoric” of Indian politics. Pakistan welcomed a recent statement by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation which expressed concern about the growth of anti-Muslim sentiment in India and urged the country to take action against those promoting communal hatred. The spokesperson called for India to work to curb Islamophobia and to protect Muslims practicing their faith in the country.

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