Pakistan is grappling with food insecurity amid its most severe economic crisis in years, which has sparked a series of deadly stampedes as people clamour to receive charity food aid. Week-long food distribution programs are being launched by local charities across the country, with desperate citizens struggling amid rising inflation, weakening currency, energy tariff increases, and typical Ramadan food spikes. The situation is being exacerbated by a decline in people making Zakat alms donations while needy numbers have surged by 50%, according to charities. Humanitarian groups are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the rising inflation and costs of their programs, prompting a reduction in donations of up to 50%. Individuals hit by rising prices are scaling back on the amounts they donate, further exasperating the situation, which has led to suicides among men who can no longer support their families. Donations to soup kitchens organised by the Saylani Welfare Trust have dropped by more than half, and those coming to receive food have doubled to roughly 1,000 people, with similar increases in numbers seen elsewhere.

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