The Japanese government has announced it will lift border control measures on overseas travellers from 8 May in line with classifying COVID-19 as a common disease. Simultaneously, it will introduce a genomic surveillance programme to test entrants with COVID-19 symptoms voluntarily to identify new infectious diseases. Meanwhile, the country intends to increase the supply of hydrogen sixfold from the current level to promote the use of renewable energy. The plan is to raise the supply to 12 million tons by 2040 with the aim of generating $113bn investment from the public and private sectors over the next 15 years. In other news, the US House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy will meet Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on 5 April in California, causing an expected angry response from China, which has threatened ‚Äúresolute countermeasures‚ÄĚ against the US. Finally, renowned Japanese musician and composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto passed away, sparking tributes and grief from contemporaries and fans around the world.

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