Framework is a company that sells laptops that can be repaired, replaced, or upgraded by its owner. This means that almost every part of the Framework laptop can be fixed by its users, including its CPU and RAM. The customization and repairability aspects of Framework’s laptops are its main selling points, and it is said to be something that enthusiasts have been asking for decades. Framework has had great success in building modern laptops that can be fully maintained by the end-user, something which even tech giants like Dell have been unable to achieve. Its computers are fully sustainable, but they also appeal to technology enthusiasts looking for a cool, sleek, and powerful laptop. The latest Framework Laptop 16 even promises to allow users to upgrade the GPU in the future. To tech enthusiasts, Framework’s computers are reminiscent of the VPR Matrix laptop which was customizable, ahead of its time, and “cool,” compared to regular Dell or Lenovo laptops. Framework’s sleek design, repairability, and upgradeability catch the attention of technology enthusiasts who may be tired of owning the same MacBook or Dell as everyone else. Although Framework laptops have not been as competitive as Apple’s laptops, the customization, sustainability, and excitement they generate make them a gadget worth experiencing.

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