The Namibian town of Uis is becoming an important location for lithium mining, as the resource is crucial for electric batteries. After the redevelopment and expansion of the tin mine in the area, London-listed Andrada plans to produce its first batch of the raw material by the end of June. This site will work in competition with Zimbabwe’s Arcadia plant, owned by Huayou Cobalt since 2021, and located near lithium deposits. Meanwhile, western investors are worried about China’s stronghold on lithium supplies. But the US aims to counter this by investing in mining operations in Africa, where lithium is abundant. Despite being relatively stable, countries such as Namibia and Zimbabwe face challenges, such as their lack of transport infrastructure and potential corruption. Nevertheless, the ability to quickly develop lithium projects in Africa makes it a rising star in the global supply of the material. Commodity trading giant Trafigura predicts the continent could meet 20% of the world’s lithium demand by 2030.

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