The debut of the VCT Americas league marks the launch of a new professional league for teams across North America, Latin America, and Brazil. The Valorant games will take place live and in person in North America. The redesigning of the Los Angeles studio will accommodate the league, and Riot has redesigned its studio to be more high-tech and flexible. The studio, which is formerly known as the LCS Arena, shares its space with League of Legends, and it has been revamped and christened Riot Games Arena. The space was also designed to be modular to support each game, and to make them look different from each other. The layout for Valorant and League of Legends broadcasts looks slightly different. The biggest feature of the arena is its modular design. According to Dawn Persson, who led the tech and production side of the redesign, it takes around two hours, and 12-16 people to transform the space from League to Valorant and vice versa.

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