Pakistan’s tourism industry is gradually increasing despite prolonged economic and political turmoil, according to Muhammad Komail Abbas, managing director of GoZayaan Pakistan, a travel start-up that acquired Pakistan’s FindMyAdventure for $3.5m. GoZayaan enabled over 80,000 travellers in its first year, raising $20m for the local hotel industry and generating $4m in revenue. However, the industry faces numerous challenges that deter tourists, including negative media coverage and inadequate infrastructure, such as poor transportation networks and limited access to basic amenities. Abbas said the industry is becoming cheaper for international travellers due to currency depreciation, resulting in an uptick in tourism post Covid. Domestic tourism increased as international travel became expensive, but Abbas warned that fuel price inflation may affect the market. Rocket Tourism CEO Fahd Vohra cited ease of visa acquisition as the primary reason behind the uptick, but he raised concerns over whether people will continue to travel amid unprecedented levels of inflation.

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