Indian authorities have arrested a travel agent blamed for producing forged student visa documents that have resulted in many international students facing deportation from Canada. Rahul Bhargava from Education and Migration Services was arrested, with authorities are still searching for his associates Brijesh Mishra and Gurnam Singh, who face charges across criminal, penal and administrative sectors of India’s legal code. Several complaints were filed after parents were deceived by the agents, who forged acceptance letters from Canadian colleges and took thousands of dollars for tuition payments, which were never made. One Jalandhar parent, Baldev Raj, paid $14,000 to cover his daughter’s tuition at Ontario’s Sheridan College, but later discovered that she was never registered with the college. Mishra defrauded the family, and now his daughter must face removal orders from Canada after using the forged acceptance letter from the visa process. Duplicates were made for dozens of students who are now listed for removal. Students have protested the use of victim blaming and pleaded for people to “wake up” and address the fraud.

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