The Federal Minister for Water Resources, Khursheed Shah, has called for 15% of Pakistan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to be allocated to the construction of small and large dams to manage the water requirements of the rising population. The minister stressed the construction of new water reservoirs was essential to ensure the survival of the nation. Shah also noted the non-utilisation of natural resources led to poverty in Pakistan, with corrective measures needed to tap their potential. Speakers in the National Assembly also urged the prompt compensation of farmers through innovative technologies, seeds and other measures to boost crop production. In a response to a question during the session, the Parliamentary Secretary for National Food Security and Research, Ahmed Raza Maneka, noted that a shortfall in wheat production had been experienced for the past three years, resulting in $2bn being spent on importing 2.6 million metric tons of wheat into the country. The importation of rice should meet national demand requirements.

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