Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman has announced that he is struggling with depression related to the strokes he suffered earlier this year. Fetterman said depression is common among stroke survivors and emphasized that it is treatable. He urged people who need help to seek it out. The announcement comes as the state is seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases, prompting Governor Tom Wolf to impose new restrictions on gatherings and businesses.

Fetterman had suffered a stroke in May, which had taken him out of the trail for months. He has continued to struggle with auditory processing, and though he employs transcription technology to help him communicate with colleagues and run Senate business, he experiences multiple side effects such as difficulty in speaking and depression. Although he retired from his previous job as a young man worker, he continued on to pursue his passion for public service by serving in various positions, and he is now striving to maintain and improve his physical condition to work for Pennsylvania citizens to the best of his abilities.

Despite the health setbacks, Fetterman’s dedication towards Pennsylvania electorate remains steadfast. Posting a picture of himself recently, Fetterman is looking forward to fulfilling his duties as the Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor in the best way possible.

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