Malawi’s President, Lazarus Chakwera, has been offered a “grant” by Belgian foundation Bridgin double the size of the country’s national budget to fund major infrastructure projects, including a power plant, teaching hospital and high-tech fertiliser plant. However, critics have raised concerns about the foundation’s undisclosed funders and track record. Bridgin president Tanko Mouhamadou has claimed the foundation, which was registered in Belgium in 2014, supports governments through public-private partnerships, but there is little evidence of its past successes. The foundation has not filed annual accounts with Belgian authorities as required by law, while its official office is little more than a boardroom rented for meetings. Mouhamadou has refused to provide a list of projects brokered by Bridgin and the companies involved, citing confidentiality issues. He claimed the foundation’s funders are old Jewish philanthropists, who are advanced in age and wish to repair and improve the world, and that Israeli companies would also work on its projects. Mouhamadou has said he has received death threats in relation to the foundation’s Jewish connection and the Palestinian question.

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