US and Eurozone inflation rates fell this week, potentially easing concerns for central bankers as they continue their programmes of interest rate rises. The US’ core personal consumption expenditures price index, the Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation gauge, fell to 0.3% in February, down from January’s 0.5%. Eurozone data showed inflation fell to 6.9%, its lowest rate in a year, in the year to March. France and Spain experienced sharp declines in inflation, while inflation fell less in Germany, but still dropped from 9.3% in February to 7.8% this month. Only Malta and Slovenia experienced inflation increases. Last week, however, the UK experienced an acceleration in inflation, up to 10.4% in February from 10.1% the previous month, indicating its “dangerously high” level, according to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt. Growing profits among US and Eurozone companies has prompted concerns over “greedflation,” with companies accused of making use of high inflation to hike prices.

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