Police in Karachi, Pakistan, have arrested eight people in connection with a stampede that left 12 people dead at a Ramadan food and cash distribution centre. They include the factory manager of the factory where the event took place. Despite police trying to raise awareness of procedures for charitable giving, the factory did not inform the authorities of the alms giving. The victims included nine women and three children who aged between 40 and 80 and 10 and 15, respectively. As we have previously reported, the distribution of free food and cash to the poor and needy is traditionally undertaken by business owners during Ramadan. Over recent months, Pakistan launched an initiative to distribute free flour to low-income families in response to rising inflation and poverty. The country is currently experiencing its worst economic crisis, with weekly inflation at 45%, which is higher than at any other time since Pakistan gained independence from Britain. Rising food costs and fuel bills coupled with delays and issues surrounding the country’s $4.8bn bailout package have led to concerns about potential public unrest. This event is the 23rd known stampede that has occurred at Ramadan food giveaways this year.

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