U.S. tech industry urging hard line on Canada’s online bills ahead of Biden visit – National | Globalnews.ca

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A coalition of US high-tech industry groups is urging President Joe Biden to take a stand against Canada’s approach to digital services. They argue that Ottawa’s proposed digital services tax unfairly targets US companies and is incompatible with international efforts to establish a global standard. The group also complains about two federal bills: the Online Streaming Act, known as Bill C-11, and the Online News Act, or Bill C-18, and warns they could lead to catastrophic consequences for US goods and services in the Canadian market. The proposed Canada Revenue Agency tax, designed to ensure tech giants pay their fair share of taxes in countries where they earn revenue without physical bodies, will collect an estimated $4bn over five years, primarily from US firms. Canada has already endorsed the “inclusive framework,” which was established under the auspices of the G20 and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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