Smear campaign against COAS deserves ‘strongest condemnation’: PM Shehbaz

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, has spoken out against opposition leader Imran Khan’s “disgusting” campaign against the country’s army chief, Asim Munir. The prime minister accused Khan of “stooping to unprecedented lows in his desperation for power”, of damaging the country and of undermining the armed forces and their leadership. Sharif said the campaign against the COAS was “intolerable and the continuation of a conspiracy against the national institutions”. He urged those abroad not to become part of the “foreign-funded” conspiracy, and instructed the interior minister to deal with those running the smear campaign against the institutions. Legal action could be taken against anyone found guilty of fanning “chaos and subversion in the country”, he said. Last week, Khan claimed the military had a role in pushing him out of power and said the new army chief was following the same policy as his predecessor. The army has previously denied his claims.

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