Pakistan police storm home of former prime minister Imran Khan

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Police in Lahore, Pakistan, have arrested 30 people after storming the house of former prime minister Imran Khan during a drive to remove encroachments and blockades. Khan’s supporters reportedly threw stones and petrol bombs as officers forced their way into the house, where they discovered illegal structures used by those involved in attacks on police. Khan was expected to appear in an Islamabad court after a top court suspended his arrest warrant relating to charges of selling state gifts and concealing assets. The case is one of a series faced by the former cricketer turned Islamist politician since he was ousted last April. Khan has claimed that his removal from power was part of a conspiracy involving his successor Shahbaz Sharif and the US, allegations both have denied. Khan has been holed up at his Lahore home since failing to attend an earlier court hearing. Two days of clashes between his supporters and police occurred this week as the former prime minister sought to evade arrest.

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