Pak judge offers to stop arrest attempts against Imran if ex-PM surrenders in court – Times of India

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A district court judge in Pakistan has said he will cease any attempts by the Islamabad police to arrest Imran Khan in a corruption case if the ousted premier surrenders before the court. The judge made his comments during the hearing of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) case, which is seeking criminal proceedings against Khan for hiding the details regarding Toshakhana gifts. While hearing the case, the judge remarked that Khan should surrender unconditionally before seeking any favour from the court. Khan’s lawyers subsequently presented an undertaking stating that their client would appear in court on 18 March. The judge agreed to halt the arrest if Khan surrendered himself in court, and called on the former premier to comply with the law. Khan was ousted from power in April 2017 after losing a vote of no confidence. He has been calling for early elections to oust a government he claims was imported, led by prime minister Shehbaz Sharif, who insists that elections will be held later this year.

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