Nordic embassies discuss gender divide

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The Nordic embassies in Seoul organised the 11th Nordic Talks Korea event on 8 March under the theme of Bridging the Gender Divide in Entrepreneurship. The event featured presentations by Nordic and Korean experts and a panel discussion exploring bias, stereotypes and challenges for women in balancing work and family responsibilities. The panelists, including ambassadors from Finland and Sweden, discussed the status and significance of women’s entrepreneurship opportunities and suggested solutions for increasing their numbers. According to a press statement from the Danish Embassy in Seoul, women are under-represented among entrepreneurs, particularly in high-growth industries such as information and communication technology. The Nordic Talks Korea initiative centres on the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals and aims to tackle global challenges and encourage citizens to create a more sustainable society. This year’s focus on bridging the gender divide in entrepreneurship highlights the potential economic growth benefits that arise from increased opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

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