How AI could upend the world even more than electricity or the internet

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The rise of artificial general intelligence (AGI), which would have human cognitive abilities, is seen as inevitable in Silicon Valley, but experts warn that the consequences could be “orders of magnitude” greater than any other technological change in history. The potential for AGI to free people from menial tasks and usher in a new era of creativity is balanced by the potential for it to threaten jobs and raise insurmountable social issues. The technology could be used to tackle climate change or cut costs, but there are questions over human authenticity in songs, images, art, and more. While OpenAI, the company behind the generative software that churns out essays, poems and code, announced an even more powerful version of the tech, GPT-4, there are concerns over the speed of the artificial intelligence race between countries such as China and the US, which could destabilise international relations. Experts call on companies to devise safer release processes for models, and also warn that a lack of trust in AI biased, accurate, and adaptable to different cultures needs to be addressed.

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