Germany and France steal the show — again

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The European Union’s (EU) top two countries are bringing their domestic issues to a summit in Brussels that could overshadow discussions about areas such as trade, foreign policy and the economy. Germany is looking to derail a plan to phase out combustion engines for traditional cars by 2035, putting in place an 11th-hour attempt to keep the cars on the market provided e-fuel is used. Meanwhile, France is unhappy that nuclear energy has been omitted from any legislative plan to maintain clean tech, rather than depend on attractive US subsidies. The country’s industrial unrest is set to cause disruption too, as trade unions call for protests about President Macron’s plans to raise the retirement age. Efficiency at public transport, schools, waste collection and train services are all expected to be affected in the country. While the summit’s agenda includes approval of providing Ukraine with ammunition, discussions on car emissions and nuclear energy are expected to feature despite them not being officially proposed topics.

Germany and France take the lead once more.

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