Dozens of students who could be kicked out of Canada say they were duped by immigration agents in India | CBC News

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Numerous international students from India are facing deportation from Canada after being accused of using fake documents to gain entry into the country. The students say they were unaware their agents had engaged in fraudulent activities. Many paid for their education with their life savings or family assets, and are now unable to support those who sacrificed for their opportunities. Among them is Karanveer Singh, a 24-year-old who dreamed of building a better life for himself while supporting his physically disabled father. Singh’s agent enrolled him at a private Montreal college after manipulating his admission documents, and he has been unable to contact the agent since. Singh’s work permit application was denied and he faces a removal order from the Canada Border Services Agency. According to activist Harinder Singh, more than 100 international students have received removal orders after their admission documents were found to be fraudulent. Students’ groups are planning further protests, urging the federal government to intervene.

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