Comedians are trying to make the metaverse cool, but it won’t let them

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Comedians Rodney Ramsey and Simon Josh Abramovitch are leading a protest against Meta’s Horizon Worlds metaverse, calling for more support for small creators. The duo operates the Unknown Theater, a venue for comedy shows in Horizon Worlds, but have struggled to attract users through the platform’s tools. The metaverse was developed to create 3D game-like spaces for conducting business or socialising, but has struggled to compete with established services like Roblox, VRChat and Fortnite. Users are then directed towards Meta-backed collaborations led by big-name artists, while smaller-scale events remain difficult to find. In an internal presentation in February, Meta’s VP of the metaverse, Vishal Shah, said the company wants to make it easy for creators to monetise their ideas, but this remains a challenge for small-scale operators like the Unknown Theater. Meta is one of several groups pouring resources into metaverse projects, which are seen as key to the future of the internet.

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