Brussels to curb imports of Chinese green tech

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The European Commission is set to unveil curbs on imports of Chinese green technologies, aimed at reducing the country’s dominance in supplying products, including solar panels and heat pumps. The curbs are expected to include rules to downgrade public procurement bids using products from a country with over 65% of the European Union market share, as well as regulations for government programmes subsidising consumer purchases. The moves follow calls from the EU to reduce dependency on Chinese manufactured goods, increase EU production of green technologies to 40% by 2030 and push nascent carbon capture technology by requiring oil and gas extractors to make commitments to store up to 50 million tonnes of CO2. Brussels also plans to introduce tougher environmental measures for critical raw materials used in green technology, such as lithium, in order to facilitate domestic mining. A separate initiative includes the introduction of a carbon border tax, forcing foreign importers to cover CO2 emissions costs from 2026. China has demanded that European countries submitting environmental trade measures submit a report to the World Trade Organization, arguing that measures may impact developing countries.

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