Amazon to D.C.: Can you please clean up all the space junk?

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Amazon aims to launch half its planned 3,200 satellite constellation by mid-2026, says Dave Limp, senior vice president at Amazon. In an interview with Politico he said the first service will likely be offered in southern latitudes and northern latitudes, including places like Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Argentina and Australia. Amazon’s focus will be on enterprise customers initially, while its first prospective customers could include companies wanting to provide connectivity to an offshore oil well. The company says it could offer its broadband service by the end of 2024. Limp also said that while Kuiper was designed as a standalone business that didn’t require government intervention or subsidy, he welcomed such aid for the nascent industry as long as it was used responsibly. As part of its satellite plans, Amazon was exploring using AI to compress network traffic in a better way, Limp said. He said he expected multiple constellations to exist in space rather than one so-called “winner” in the race to establish high-speed broadband.

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