An AI-generated image of Pope Francis wearing a chunky white puffer coat recently went viral on social media, prompting questions about the pontiff’s unconventional attire. The image was created using AI imaging tool Midjourney and sparked concern over the ethical implications of computer-generated “deep fake” imagery as AI technologies and machine learning become more sophisticated. Some have raised concerns about the removal of subjects’ agency, placing them in potentially defamatory or malicious situations. Computer-generated images of the Pope in certain clothes outside of religious contexts could cause offense, alarm or mistrust within the Catholic community. Digitally altering someone’s outfit could also cause lasting reputational damage; a doctored image of Paris Hilton wearing an inflammatory top added to her public perception as an out-of-touch heiress. During a Vatican conference, Pope Francis addressed the emergence of AI technology and urged scientists to consider its human impact and to act ethically and responsibly.

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