Australian startup Vow has launched a meatball made from lab-grown, or “cultivated,” meat using the genetic sequence of the extinct mammoth as a source of protein. The event took place at a science museum in Amsterdam, with founder Tim Noakesmith stating that the product was designed to stimulate public discussion about the eco-friendly innovation. Cultivated meat, also known as cultured meat, uses animal cells grown in labs without the need for livestock. Over 100 companies across the globe are developing similar products to Vow’s meatball. Experts suggest wider adoption of the technology could decrease the environmental impact of global meat production, with billions of acres devoted to agriculture worldwide. Singapore is the only country to have approved cultivated meat for consumption so far, but Australian-based Vow is hoping to break into the market later this year. Although the mammoth meatball will not be put into commercial production, it is a symbolic creation designed to represent a potentially more sustainable future for the planet.

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